Depart from your beach hotel in the morning and drive through the countryside in Ukunda village where you will be able to see flora, fauna, farmlands with houses  and villages and the beautiful tropical countryside.

A visit to a local medicine man enlightens you on his practice as well as giving you a chance to get treated for various ailments and you also could try his famous love charms. Apart from the medicine man, you will also see different day-to- day activities in the villages like the tapping of Palm wine from the coconut tree where you will have a taste of Coconut milk; you will see how the villager climbs the coconut palm tree and get down the coconut milk for you. Thereafter you will visit a village of a polygamist where you will see inside his house, how he lives with his 2 wives, where they sleep, where they cook and what they grow in the farms.

Have time to see a small display of what they sell like small drums, batiks, and necklace beads. You will then be entertained by traditional dancers in the village. Have a walk in the village. Drive back to your hotel arriving before lunch.

The package includes:

Transport, professional guide

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