10 Wild Animals You Will Most Probably See While On Your Kenya Safari

1. Elephant

Elephants are the largest land mammals who can be seen in most of Kenya’s national parks and game reserves. 

2. Lion

Lion is the king of jungle and one of the most sort after wildlife in Kenya. A visit to Tsavo East from the coast can lead to sighting of lions. Most of other parks also host lions, Masai Mara leading with highest concentration of lions.

3. Buffalo

African cape Buffalo is one of the Big Five wildlife you will encounter in your visit to any Kenya’s national parks and game reserves. 

4. Giraffe

Giraffe is the tallest land mammal with amazing long neck and patterns that distinguish the species; Masai, Rothschild and Reticulated Giraffes. All can be found in different wildlife conservation and parks.

5. Zebra

Zebra, most loved wildlife for it’s color pattern, can also be found in plenty in our Kenya’s national parks and game reserves. There are 2 species found in Kenya, the plain zebra and grevy’s zebra. Grevy’s zebra are mostly found in Northern circuit of Kenya, like Samburu National Reserve.

6. Impala

One of the antelopes found in almost all Kenya’s national parks and game reserves, the Impala. Can be seen in large female herds with one male in control of the herd.

7. Ostrich

One of the largest non-flying birds found in Kenya, Ostrich are good to see while on your Kenya safari.

8. Hippopotamus

Found in water bodies, Hippopotamus spend most of their day in water. Can be found in majority of Kenya’s national parks and game reserves.

9. Cheetah

Cheetah, fastest land mammal, is among the big cats that can be seen on a Kenya safari. 

10. Leopard

One of the big five, leopard is very nocturnal but can be found in major national parks and game reserves. 

Sample our Kenya safari tours and enjoy these wildlife and more.

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